The Karacell 3 Cryptosystem


Karacell is a byte-granular, blockwise-parallel (stream-friendly) symmetric encryption system from Tigerspike. It was specifically designed with mobile technology, parallelism, low latency, and the threat of quantum computing in mind.

Full Karacell 3 Whitepaper

Full explanation and analysis in the form of a whitepaper is available here. Check back for future updates.


This YouTube video provides a technical overview of Karacell, including the best known cracking methods.

Technical Paper

“The Karacell 3 Cryptosystem” technical document version 11 is available here. Check back for future updates.

Source Code

Karacell 3 build 149 is available here. You need GCC under Linux or MacOS, or MinGW under Windows. Currently, only X86 and X64 CPUs are supported, but the code is very portable C. Start with README.txt, and run the demo to verify correct compilation. In particular, see mathematica.txt for a demo of the core functionality. Check back for future updates.

Karacell Contest

Effective May 23, 2013, you can win up to USD10,000 for cracking a small Karacell file (see "Contest Files")! This website will be updated promptly when warranted, so check back periodically to ensure that the prize is still outstanding. Here you can find everything you need to participate. Start by reading the rules. Contest submissions and questions about the contest should be sent to: GOOD LUCK!

Contest Files

The files for the cracking contest, including examples, are in this archive. They won't be useful until you compile the source code. See README.txt. They were automatically generated and verified for correct decryption using a randomly selected key, which has a value between 2^120 and 2^121. The key is stored in multiple cloud storage facilities, encrypted with a stronger key.


Questions or comments about Karacell, but not related to the contest, should be sent to: